About Jackie

Jackie has pets of her own, and this is what drives her happiness



Cliff    While working at a veterinary hospital Jackie met a client that had a golden retreiver named Cliff. Cliff was diagnosed with cancer and needed his newly percribed meds dropped off to the owner, while there Jackie met Cliff's owner's mother. She was an elderly woman named Gene. Cliff's owner had a fatal heart attack, so Jackie helped Gene care for Cliff. Gene and Jackie became friends. Gene became ill and was unable to care for Cliff so Jackie agreed to watch Cliff and even sleep over with him because he had never been alone. After a few months, Gene was put in hospice and then passed away. Her daughter lived an hour away and had a dog at home that did not get along with Cliff. Jackie and her husband decided to take Cliff in and care for him like one of their own. After a few months, the cancer took its toll on Cliff and he passed on like his owners. Soon after, Jackie decided she wanted to help other familys and dogs. So she started Jackie's Canine Companion Care, all thanks to her old buddy Cliff. Jackie will never forget about her time with Cliff and his family.